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Oct 18 2009

A Long Time Coming

I want to apologize to my friends and families.  I promised to regale you all with tales of my teaching adventures and misadventures.  To tell you every little detail about teaching in Louisiana and tackling supposedly one of their world’s most dangerous creatures…MIDDLE SCHOOLERS.

Instead, I remained fairly silent.  Well not so much, my mom knows a bunch of it.  So I guess if you want to learn about my TFA experiment, as my mom.  She wouldn’t mind.  I’m pretty sure…well maybe if 50 of you did at the same time…so please form a carefully spaced out queue.

But really, I have been working (something that looks kinda like teaching) for the last 20 weeks.  Yes, I lasted through the first quarter of school.  It has been a whirlwind.  Here are some highlights:

- I work in the country.  I pass cows on my commute to work.

-I teach 6th graders….awkward age.  Some student highlights

-One of my boys is trying to get girls…but the girls ain’t having.  Sorry player

-One of my kids is so polite, that he once wrote in response to a Yes or No Question, “Yes Mam”.

-The kids claim I drive a black expedition with 24″ chrome rims

-My kids notice minute details about my appearance “Ms.- You got your eyebrows arched”, Why do you only drink diet coke, you could so drink regular…

-For my first project, I requested a 3-D model and a poster…I got many 3D posters.  However, in everyone of my classes I had students who tell their peers that I DID in fact put that in the instructions AND I wrote that on the rubric (yes, Billy, you WERE suppose to use that piece of paper for your projects, not just put things on paper)

-None of my kids are named Billy

-Someone taught my kids that Fahrenheit means “Hot like Fire” and Celsius means Cold…Even my most advance kid was sprouting this malarkey (yes, i use malarkey)
-My school is run VERY well!  I won the TFA Administration lottery.  If you didn’t know, if you have a highly effective principal and vice principal, it is easier to be an effective teacher.

There’s more…so much more…and I’m gonna try and do better by you all…

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